Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Charedim" Use Holocaust Imagery at Rally

Anyone else find the irony in the use of Holocaust imagery at the recent riots the "Charedim" held against anyone not quite like them?
The pictures were quite jarring.  There were little kids, with long flowing peyot, dressed in striped Auschwitz clothing with a yellow "Jude" star affixed to their shirts.  Their reasoning was they felt that just like with the Nazis, it starts out with incitement but it continues until something like the Holocaust can happen.
Here's the irony: If not for the Jewish State, these people would never have been allowed to have the peyot they had flowing out of their Auschwitz tops.  When the Jews who actually went to Auschwitz donned their prison garb, their peyot (along with the rest of their hair, beards...) were shaved immediately.  Yet these people have the chutzpa to ensure their peyot are flowing, courtesy of the fact the Jewish State does NOT discriminate, as they don Auschwitz clothing, in despicable contempt of the millions who perished during the real Holocaust.

Hashem Yerachem

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