Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wake Up Leaders of Israel!

Yet another terror attack.  This time, a soldier was stabbed on the light rail.  And for what?  Simply because she was a Jew, born in Israel, who fulfilled her legal obligation of joining the military for compulsory service.  She did absolutely nothing to warrant being stabbed in the chest (and hand).  She's now hanging on for life.  Meanwhile, rockets continue to pound the south.

For this, I turn to the UN Human Rights Council to hear some encouraging words about the Middle East.  Well, yesterday, they approved a report PRAISING former Libyan dictator, Muammer Qaddafi's human rights record.  Seriously?!  The guy who brutalized his protesting citizens?  The guy who caused another UN council, the Security Council, to authorize military action against him?  The one who France, in effect, declared war on?

So maybe the EU has better words?  Nope, there, Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief simply regrets the actions being taken by both sides.  Yes, there are 2 sides - neither one is right nor wrong.  There's no terrorists.  There are sides, just like in a sports game.  And she doesn't deplore the rocket attacks, she simply regrets them.  (I wonder, does she really regret the rocket attacks, or does she regret that more Jews haven't been killed by them.  But I digress.)

It's time to wake up!  Even J Street, the "pro-Israel" group in America regretted (before pressure) the loss of life on both sides.  Really?  Why, if you are a pro-Israel group, would you regret the loss of life of terrorists bent on Israel's destruction.  That doesn't sound so pro-Israel to me!

When will the J Streets and the Peace Nows of the world recognize that pandering to the insatiable whims of the UN and the EU won't make them like Israel or Jews any more and it certainly won't make Israel any safer. It's time for Bibi to take a stand for Israel's security.  The "peace process" is dead.  Every Israeli leader, be it the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, IDF Chief of Staff, Member of Knesset, etc. must recognize the most important factor to look after is: Israel's security.  For years, leaders have looked for peace.  How can everything fit into peace.  Everything was weighed versus how it would appear to the world, how the Palestinians would take it, how it would affect peace prospects, etc.  It's time to become a normal country.  The Jews are supposed to be different than the rest of the world, and that's perfectly OK.  But remember Herzl who wanted a country like the countries of the world.  In this regard, I think it's fine to try to emulate other countries.  Look out for number one which is security.  The USA isn't nervous about every action they take in regard to how it will be perceived.  They make sure to protect their own national security and their own citizens.  Everything else is secondary.  Israel - it's time to do the same!

Bibi, stand with the people of your party who believe in this, such as Danny Danon, and you will have forever built a legacy of the PM who cared about the citizens of Israel!

Am Israel Chai!

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